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The meeting will be a special symposium focusing on 100 years of polymer science. Within this context, there should be the possibility to have a look on the major achievements of the first century of macromolecular chemistry. For this purpose, a special lecture will be given regarding the pioneer of the field: Hermann Staudinger. Furthermore, the current and future trends within this field should be presented by international renowned speakers. Consequently, the broad range of the field of polymer science should be presented enabling all participants to have a closer look on the research and industry area. Therefore, the topics of the lectures should cover all parts of the field ranging from synthesis, over characterization to different possible applications of polymers.

27-29 spetember, Freiburg, Germany


The 84th Prague Meeting on Macromolecules – “Frontiers of Polymer Colloids: From Synthesis to Macro-Scale and Nano-Scale Applications” will focus on the latest innovative development in synthesis and characterization of polymer colloids both for life sciences and industry. The meeting will bring together multi-disciplinary experts from both academia and industry in the areas of polymer and material science, pharmaceutics, imaging, biology, and medicine. 12-16 July 2020

European Centre for Nanostructured Polymers (ECNP Scarl) is a non-profit, limited liability, Consortium Company formed by the European Network of Excellence „Nanofun-Poly” (6th FP EC). Lodz University of Technology is one of the founders and shareholders of ECNP. The tradition of the ECNP conferences dates back to 2004. The conference have visited Dresden, Lyon, Corfu, Paris, Madrid, Prague, Rome and now it is time for Lodz. The ECNP Conference will start at 2 pm 22.09 and it will end at 2 pm on 25.09.2020. It will be preceded by a 1.5-day the ECNP Young Polymer Scientists Conference & Short Course on 21-22.09. This event is intended for young researchers and students. The leading topic of lectures at the Course will be industrial applications of advanced functional polymer materials.



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Our first International Conference on Bio based Polymers and Composites ( was organized in 2012 focusing on the characterization, modification and application of biopolymers The success of the conference initiated the organization of further BiPoCo's The positive feedback given by the participants encouraged us to organize the conference for the fifth time in 2020 with a renewed scope reflecting the current trends in the synthesis and application of biopolymers High scientific standards are maintained through a thorough selection process of papers presented at our conferences, thus all the participants can benefit from attending the events Furthermore a s we believe that longstanding relationships and true friendships are born under the right circumstances, we organize also the social programs with special care





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