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Our first International Conference on Bio-based Polymers and Composites (BiPoCo) was organized in 2012 focusing on the characterization, modification and application of biopolymers. The success of the conference initiated the organization of BiPoCo 2014 in Visegrád and the BiPoCo 2016 meeting in Szeged. The scope of the conference was extended with topics on smart, nano-structured systems for controlled molecular release and particular attention was paid to the biomedical application of polymers. The positive feedback given by the participants of the BiPoCo 2016 meeting encouraged us to organize the conference for the fourth time in 2018 with a renewed scope reflecting the current trends in the synthesis and application of biopolymers.

This conference brings together academics and industrial experts in the field to present and discuss innovation in chemistry related to wellbeing, beauty and health.

The main topics of the conference are: Biomaterials, Cosmetic chemistry, Pharmaceutical chemistry, Food chemistry and Applied chemistry

We will also hold a Session for Young Scientists during the conference.

The 9th Conference on "Times of Polymers (TOP) & Composites" is organized by Italian groups on polymer science and composites. Conference provides a forum for scientists and engineers throughout the world interested in the timescales of polymers and composites processing, structure and properties. As time is the driving concept in the polymer science community, TOP-Conferences include sessions on various topics and provide opportunities for exchanging ideas and opinions on both fundamental science and industry-relevant subjects.

I am very pleased to announce the symposium entitled "Block-copolymer self-assembly: fundamentals and applications" to be held in the 2018 E-MRS SPRING MEETING scheduled from June 18 to 22 at the Convention Centre in Strasbourg (France) The symposium focuses on the self-assembly of block copolymers, reporting recent advances in the understanding of their basic properties and latest progresses towards their technological exploitation.


- Dr. Michele Perego, Instiute for Microelectronics and Microsystems (CNR) - Italy

- Dr. Giullaume Fleury, University of Bordeaux - France

- Dr. Morgan Stefik, University of South Carolina - USA

- Dr.  Francesc Perez-Murano, Instiute of Microelectronics of Barcelona (CSIC) - Spain

The 82nd Prague Meeting on Macromolecules - Polymer Networks and Gels 2018 and 24th meeting of the international Polymer Networks Group will provide a discussion forum for participants from academia and industry engaged in science and technology of polymer gels and networks, both synthetic and natural. Special attention will be paid to hydrogels used in biomedical applications and to issues related to energy, natural sources and planet sustention via advanced materials design and application.



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The national symposium of the GFP association(Groupe Français d’Études et d’Applications des Polymères) is a key moment in the life of the association and the major French congress in the field of polymers. Organized every year for 45 years on the national ground or in bordering countries in France, the 46th edition will take place in PARIS from 21 till 24 November 2017 in the premises of the ENSAM school. This year, around 150 attendees are expected, coming from various countries, universities , research public institutions or industries, to establish a state of the art of the last breakthroughs in all the domains of polymers.


We cordially invite researchers from both academia as well as industry, to join this polymer conference and to presentcutting-edge research at the interface of design/function or function/application of polymers as a lecture or a poster. With its focus on function- and application-driven polymer research, the conference aims to address the development and testing of the next generation of polymeric materials with previously unrivaled properties for advanced applications. In order to stimulate research activities in these fields, large room for discussions and networking will be reserved in the agenda.

The fourth FPM series will bring together leaders in polymers and polymeric materials from around the world to describe their most recent and cutting edge discoveries. The aim of the conference is to capture the multidisciplinary nature of polymer chemistry with topics spanning "basic synthesis and methodology" to "nanoscale and bioinspired materials". This conference will appeal to academics, students, postdoctoral research associates, industrial scientists and leaders, governmental researchers and those currently involved in the development of polymeric material applications to address the most critical needs in areas such as medicine, energy and sustainability.

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