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S. Anastasiadis welcomed the new representative of Portugal Chemical Society Prof. Jorge Coelho replacing Prof. Antonio Correia-Diogo


EPF 2017 Conference - Lyon


The European Polymer Congress EPF 2017 which was hosted in Lyon, France from July 2nd to July 7th, 2017, i.e. few weeks ago, joined close to 1,000 participants both from academic laboratories and Industry and from all the European countries and worldwide. Well-known pleanry speakers as Prof. J.M. Lehn, Nobel Prize, gave impressive lectures covering all the fields, i.e. from macromolecular chemistry to industrial needs. In addition to the 330 oral presentations, specific sessions were organized such as Australian-Europe Polymer Workshop and Smart Polymer Textiles in co-operation with Japan as well as a full day designed for Industry where companies and European clusters introduced their strategies and developments.

This new success for this edition of EPF congresses proves the interests of such events  which covers all the sides of polymer science and technology and allows to the whole European polymer community to meet, present the last cutting-edge researches and industrial developments in this very  active field. In front of the multiplication of the conferences dedicated on to very specific topics and involving limited sub-communities including  the ones organized by companies obsessed by the h-factor of the speakers, the EPF congresses are the biennial rendez-vous allowing the construction of a European polymer community and promising scientific exchanges within polymer scientists. The European Polymer Federation through these EPF Congresses as well as its exciting scientific activities such as the annual European Polymer  Conferences (EUPOC) and biannual young scientists dedicated schools, can be recognized as the proper organization for the future of the polymer community. Prof. S. Anastasiadis, elected as the new General Chairman for 2018-2019 mandate, will host in Heraklion, Greece, in June 2019 the next EPF Congress. All of us will attend this EPF 2018 Congress as it will be, for sure, the main event of the period for scientists and engineers concerned with polymers !

Jean Francois Gerard

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