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Block copolymers are attracting enormous attention due to their unique capability of undergoing microphase separation in the bulk state and self-organization in solution. Modern synthetic chemistry, which involves a variety of “living” polymerization strategies, offers the possibility of designing macromolecules with very specific length scales and complex architectures. A great variety of nanostructures comprising spheres, cylinders, lamellae and co-continuous structures can be obtained for application in different fields that include nanostructured networks, nanoporous membranes, optical (meta)materials, drug delivery, templates for mesostructured and mesoporous ceramics, energy materials, and next-generation lithography. EUPOC 2020 will offer a platform to discuss the main challenges facing these research fields bringing together scientists, engineers and students working on any aspect of block copolymer self-assembly. 17-21 May 2020. Bertinoro (FC), Italy

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